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A wedding, a family gathering, a seminar or a product presentation… the opportunities for gathering together your loved ones, colleagues or partners are numerous.  Clermont Ferrand’s central position marks it out as an obvious meeting place. However, an urban setting is not always ideal for those who are seeking a calm and authentic ambience full of history and character. Barely a few kilometres from the centre of Clermont is the Chateau Royal de Saint-Saturnin located in the village of the same name. This imposing 13th-century residence, built by the La Tour d'Auvergne family, belonged successively to the queens Catherine de Medicis and Marguerite de Valois who made a gift of it to Louis XIII  in order to help him assert an already fragile authority.
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A unique setting for a room rental

With its dry moats, its ramparts, its rampart walk, its battlemented towers and its machicolations, the Chateau Royal de Saint-Saturnin offers an original setting for hiring a room in Clermont-Ferrand.

The historic and cultural attraction of the location will thus be added to your event.

Your family gathering or wedding reception will benefit from the exceptional character of the chateau and your seminar and the message you send out will remain in the memory of your team members.

If you want to organize activities, you will have many possibilities in the region of the Château of Saint-Saturnin. You can offer orientation courses in the many hiking trails : a good time with your team amid the volcanoes of Auvergne.

In the city of Clermont-Ferrand, located near the Château de Saint-Saturnin, you can organize a visit to the Michelin museum or other cultural activities in the historic center.

The theme park Vulcania is a another idea to have a good time with your colleagues.

The ideal location close to clermont-ferrand

As well as its central position in the Auvergne and in France, the chateau is easily accessible from the nearby A75, which as an extension of the A71 links Orleans to Montpellier.

For the hosting of your event, the chateau has a vast private car park which can accommodate up to 150 vehicles and is equipped with tables and chairs.

The chateau also has two fully equipped catering areas in order to facilitate the catering for your gathering.

The chateau’s reception areas can also be equipped with sound systems or lit depending on your requirements: music stage, conference, dance floor…
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