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Health protocol of our Auvergne gite within the coronavirus environment

1) We commit ourselves to ensuring the complete disinfection of the guesthouse between two different guests, using the best products and processes as defined by the hotel industry.

2) We undertake to respect and ensuring respect by our staff for barrier gestures towards our guests, as well as to take the best protective measures for both our staff and ourselves when we are about to intervene in the guest house

3) You are fully responsible for your own health and that of the members of your group so as not to unnecessarily transport or transmit the virus. You are aware of the risks due to its frequently asymptomatic nature.

4) You are kindly requested to tell us before your arrival if you do not want us to rehabilitate your room (s) during your stay.Eitherwise, our maid will intervene inside the room(s) after having washed her hands and with all the adequate protections. She will put new gloves on she will throw in a dedicated container before leaving each room. The standard of the hotel industry will be applied.

5) We kindly ask you to respect the barrier gestures towards anyone you may meet on the property. Wearing a mask indoors or outdoors is not mandatory. It is left to your appreciation.6)Please wash your hands each time before entering the guest house or the utility room and summer kitchen across the courtyard. We will provide you with hydroalcoholic gel dispensers for this purpose.

7) You will also find in the living rooms and in the dining room, as well as in the bedrooms, hydroalcoholic gel and disinfectant wipes, for free use according to your appreciation.

8) Breakfast will be served in the guest dining-room, on different tables for each tow families if you have not choosen the privatisation option.

9) You will bring masks with you to wear them in public or private places, including restaurants, which would require it. We will have some units to help you out, if necessary.

10) In addition we provide you with the means of an alternative to the restaurant, if the weather permits :You could have a picnic in the park, on the terraces or in the main courtyard or prepare an easy dinner in our fully equipped summer kitchen. You will find therefore a complete kit for your meal - tablecloth, plates, cutlery...
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