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A place full of history

Previously owned by Louis XIII, after Catherine de Medici gave him, the Castle of Saint Saturnin is a building with a rich past and a part of French history. Although its construction has started in the 13th century, architecture of the place is strongly influenced by the Renaissance. The Castle offers spacious rooms, large windows and a decor inspired by its illustrious past. Chandeliers, curtains and mirrors adorn the reception rooms in which chairs and tables will greet your guests.

A royal setting: Saint Saturnin Royal Castle

To accommodate the festivities of a wedding buffet, the castle has two reception rooms located in the historic part of the fortress bringing to your wedding the historic charm of old stones. The castle terraces are also privileged places to host your reception. During beautiful days, outdoor weddings offer a magnificent point of view on the Saint Saturnin Royal Castle gardens and its neighborhood. The nocturnal magic enthusiasts can enjoy the show and the unic setting of the illuminated castle at night.
Complete equipment
The reception rooms are fully equipped with tables and chairs to be installed depending on the desired configuration. The decoration of the different reception areas, both outside or inside the castle, can also be modified to match the wedding theme. The exterior of the site offer an exceptional panorama of its surroundings: the village of Saint Saturnin and the National Park of Auvergne volcanoes. 
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