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The organisation of an event as important as a wedding reception often begins with the search for a venue capable of accommodating all the guests in an original setting and equipped with the necessary facilities.   The Chateau Royal de Saint Saturnin has several rooms ideal for a wedding reception. Located in the centre of France, 12 km away from Clermont-Ferrand, the chateau is immediately identifiable by its ancient towers and mediaeval architecture which majestically overlook the small village of Saint Saturnin. For lovers of history this chateau will be the ideal location to celebrate a unique wedding day with family and friends.
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A 13th century fortress

Built in the 13th century, the fortress features classic elements of military mediaeval architecture: dry moats, ramparts, a rampart walk, battlemented towers and machicolations. The chateau also boasts a large outdoor space made up of gardens and vast parklands, an ideal setting for wedding photos.

Fully equiped indoor and outdoor spaces

Receptions take place in fully equipped rooms which offer a setting which is authentic without compromising on modernity or comfort in any way. The Château Royal de Saint Saturnin also offers terraces, all equally suitable for wedding reception festivities, with its gardens in the background and the volcanoes of the Puys mountain range rising up in the distance. The chateau also has five luxury guestrooms situated in the oldest building of the chateau to accommodate guests who have come from far away or even the newlyweds for their wedding night. The occupants of these rooms have access to the chateau's main courtyard and parklands, and have an unimpeded view of the village of Saint Saturnin and its church.
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