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Wedding venue hire in Auvergne

The Auvergne region is the ideal place for couples wishing to seal their union in an idyllic setting. The region offers a multitude of choice with numerous reception venues.  Amongst them are large estates and many town and country hotels as well as numerous chateaux, the historic cultural and architectural heritage of the Auvergne…     Each site has its own charms and particularities which makes it compatible with the wishes of the future newlyweds. For those seeking originality, romanticism and authenticity, the numerous chateaux in the region and their gardens offer an ideal location for the organisation of this unique event.  An unusual location which will undoubtedly leave its mark on the memories of all your guests.
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Testimony of history

The Chateau Royal de Saint Saturnin is emblematic of the village of the same name: a refined setting steeped in history. As well as being a direct example of medieval military architecture, this monument was also a holiday home for members of the French royal family including Catherine de Medici and Louis XIII. This chateau is famous for its sumptuous gardens, vast verdant spaces which add even more charm to the location.

Indoor or outdoor reception

It's the ideal setting which we offer for the organisation of your reception and wedding meal. Located near Clermont-Ferrand, the chateau is easily accessible and has a large secure car park. The chateau of Saint Saturnin offers a modular outdoor reception area and an interior reception area as it has two fully equipped rooms and a catering area. The historical imprint of the place is however still evident in the décor and the arrangement of these rooms which will transport you into another era. From the chateau's terraces, you can enjoy an unparalleled view over almost 4 hectares of parkland with the famous Auvergne volcanoes in the background.
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